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Citel EXTender 7000

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Citel EXTender 7000
EXTender 7000 for Branch Offices is an integrated networking product that delivers local calling capabilities access to local trunk lines and full functionality of a central site telephone system to remote offices over circuit- and packet-based networks. EXTender PBXgateway II located on the digital-line side of a central PBX-KTS terminates the Citel EXTender 7000 and enables seamless voice and data communications between the remote and central locations using Citel EXTender technology. The complete EXTender PBXgateway II and EXTender 7000 solution includes a built-in Channel Service Unit (CSU)-Data Service Unit (DSU) that enables direct interface with T1 and PRI lines resulting in significant cost savings and enhanced functionality for remote branch offices.